joi, 5 iulie 2018

Online Beauty Coaching

Beauty is about being yourself. I see beauty in people and I can teach you to see your beauty.

That's why I started to do makeup for woman. Now I think it's time to step forward and to teach woman to reveal their own amazing beauty.

So i have created a unique program for self makeup, online, just with you.

DAY 1.  Skin and prep

Get to know each other,
Habbits, Routine, Lifestyle
How does these facts influence your skin?

Listen, Accept, Understand, Love your skin
The best products for your skin
Choose smart your products
Choose your perfect color chart for makeup
Understand the makeup brushes

DAY 2.  No make-up look 

Your little kit for makeup
Get in touch with the products
Appliance 1 to 1, coaching session
Undereye area coverage
Tips and tricks for amazing skin look
With or without blush?
Choose your smart lipstick
Soft shadows and fot intensify

Perfect lips technique

DAY 3. Exercise, improve, intensify

Choose your evening colors
Choose your looks
Exercise the evening makeup
Classical , Smokey eyes or Italian line makeup
Have a long stay makeup

So this is the base for the online coaching for a self-makeup class. But everyone is different and I am a very flexible trainer so i ususlly adopt my classes to what is needed.
If you want to touch just a subject or if you want to have some tips and tricks for you just let me know it.

Contact me at: or on my FB page Ana Waszkiewicz, Make-up Artist

Let's get to know each other and to put some light and colors on your face.

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